Eurobraider is dedicated in series production of overbraided preforms. The production is made by equipment designed by Eurocarbon B.V. and automated processes. Maybe overbraiding could be a solution for you to outsource preforming activities. See what overbraiding could mean for you in the overbraiding section.

Eurobraider is a sister company of Eurocarbon. Eurocarbon is a producer of braided and woven reinforcements, primarily used for composites industry. These braids and woven tapes are made out of high performance reinforcement fibers such as:  glass, aramid, carbon and thermoplastics. In Sittard, we are consulting our customers since 1982, to provide the best possible solution for their application. With our agent network we are close in your country. Check our homepage for your local agent.

Eurocarbon has implemented standard programs to cover a whole range of standard customer‘s applications. All programs are available on stock and ready to ship off the shelf to provide your reinforcements with a minimum of lead time. When tailor made applications are required, check the “minimum requirements” section for braided and woven constructions.

ISO 9001 Certified

Benefits of Overbraiding

  • Cost effective method and low waste rates (5-10%).
  • Reproducible due to computer control and automated processes.
  • Time saving compared to building your own preforms manually.
  • 0º (UD) yarns can be integrated to form a tri-axial braid. Bias is effective for torsion, UD for bending. The ratio between Bias / UD can vary from 100/0 up to 10/90.
  • Preforms injected with the RTM process can have a fiber volume fraction of 55%. Braided structures have a good resin permeability.
  • Eccentric products are possible, even double curved preforms. Excellent energy absorption in crash structures.
Overbraiding is the technique used to produce net shape cost-effective structural preforms.
During overbraiding the braid is placed directly onto a core, which has the inner geometry of the desired preform.
Multiple Layers
By reciprocating the core through the braiding point a pre-selected number of layers can be braided, to obtain the desired wall thickness/aerial weight.
Lightweight cores
The lightweight core can remain in the product or a lost core technique can be used for production of a hollow product.
When a special braiding machine or extra equipment is needed, we can build it.
We can offer a turn key solution and transfer of know-how, so you can produce your own preforms, backed up with our experience.
Preform development (Eurocarbon) and preform production (Eurobraider) can be done entirely in house.